Kitten Adoption Application:

  1.   Which kitten(s) are you interested in?

  2.   Tell us about you and your family, do you have small children, other pets? If so what pets?

  3.   Do you own your home or rent?

  4.   Do you have someone to care for a kitten when/if you leave on vacation or work?

  5.   Have you ever had a kitten/cat before?

  6.   Does anyone in the home have allergies to cats?

  7.   Do you intend to let your cat/kitten outdoors?

  8.   Would you like a pet or a show cat?

  9.   What sex would you prefer? 

  10.   Are you looking for a Longhair or Shorthair? 

  11.   Do you plan on breeding?

  12.   What is your time frame for getting a kitten?

  13.   Have you had an exotic shorthair or persian cat before? If not, where did you hear about them?

  14.   How did you hear about Smooshfaces Cattery?

  15.   Please give us your vet's name.

  16.   Please let us know if you have any questions for us!

Please submit your answers in the contact form below or copy and paste in an email and send it to

Thank you!